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Islamaabd, Pakistan


16000 sqft

At the hub of the bustling G-7 Markaz, 3-G is set to house multiple corporate and commercial setups in its intriguing design composition. The site's prime location provides the opportunity to gather and incorporate the context from the three main sides further enveloped by the park, sports grounds, and business activities of the area. The site features are used to generate a responsive facade design curation. Having set a minimalist material mood board composed of glass, aluminum louvers and triangulated metal frame the facade explores the curation in a double facade system. The projecting balconies and solid masses break the planar composition of the facade and bring forward the facade elements. At the same time, the louvered system cast an aesthetic play of shadows into the workspaces throughout the day. Since the complex is essential for corporate and commercial functional typologies, the framing and projecting of the facade allows for optimum views and daylight input into the space; a driving factor in the marketing of any commercial entity. 

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