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Corporate Tower




Gulberg Greens, Islamabad

Approached via the Gulberg Expressway, with its foundation in the area’s central commercial hub, is a breakthrough project of the area. The facade of this holistic business hub cuts the visual plane of the passer-by and takes the eye along the angular formation projecting towards the sky. The Tower is conceived as a volumetric study of programmatic zoning and exploration. With the front facade towards the North, the material rendering of the structure in double-glazed curtain wall and a uniquely thin, light porcelain cladding system allows for maximum solar capitalization of the interior spaces. The spatial zoning is done in volumetric capacity rather than the two-dimensional planes, allowing the two main programs, i.e., commercial hub and corporate hub, to function in maximum capacity. Rendered in a double-glazed curtain wall, the commercial hub protrudes from the main building, and the stepped formation allows for the occupation of roof gardens and breakout spaces, a concept used around the tower. The material contrasts the two zones, allowing for transparency in the commercial block and controlled views for the corporate partnership. The central unit, housing the space for corporate setups, is designed to allow maximum floor usage for the activities, with terraces in attendance to the progressive floors as the breakout spaces. Meanwhile, the barcode facade design allows each subspace to have a curated view and input the daylight into the room.

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