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1200 SQFT



In the bustling food hub of Islamabad, sits the glistening Aurum. Literally translated to Gold in Latin, the eatery is synonymous with its namesake—a creation that stands out from its contemporaries. The aim was to draw passers-by into an enclosed experience–based on nothing but visual elements that draw the eye. Beholding the structure from across the street is a tempting invitation. Connecting the outdoors to a view of the indoors, the circular arches offer a glimpse of the interior. At first glance, these arches reveal the globes of lights that adorn the dining space. Varied sizes of light globes add to the depth and give the illusion of a cloud hovering above. Through artfully placed arches, the indoor-outdoor sensation reveals its true magnetism. Upon entering, details seize attention: the textured walls, fluted columns, and hand-cut marble pieces embedded within the terrazzo floor.


From the interior, the arches opening up to the outdoors act like a backdrop to the brightly lit interior. Highlighting the brand colors, the indoor space comes together with the bonding of complementing materials. Stone tables with stone inlays add to the overall palette. Strategic seating placement is meant to elevate elements of the glowing clouds of light globes above. Swings transmuted into dining seats add to the illusion of being hung from the clouds. The light streak (light element) that spans the ‘sky’ acts like a wave of light that adorns the ceiling, mimicking terrazzo floor patterns. As the visitor emerges towards the outdoors, they transcend into a dimly-lit patio wrapped in table-height planters. In the backdrop, hovering light globes and arches truly seal the experience.

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