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Banana leaf is a pan-Asian restaurant situated in Islamabad. The restaurant is split into two levels. Level 0 holds Bar and dining space and LEVEL 1 has a kitchen, terrace, and dining space. Space was perceived as a deconstructed oriental painting in coral pink and deep blue hues. Four basic elements were extracted from the painting i.e mountainscape, Sky, Sea, and Jungle / Foliage. These elements were then further translated to the planar surfaces. Jungle/foliage and sky on walls, mountains on the floor, and sea on the ceiling. A folding staircase with a coral-pink metal grid intersects the floors. The culture of locals sitting outside and consuming food is very prevalent. The terrace is placed on the first floor which opens up to Margalla hills. The floor is monochrome terrazzo laid with black granite partitions depicting mountains. Neon accents are added on multiple planes to introduce some vector characters in the space. Furniture is in polished solid ash wood. Dado Walls are wrapped in white square porcelain tiles. The silhouette of the canoe in neon is placed on the ceiling of the terrace which is visible from the adjacent service road and parking.

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