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Blue Office






5200 SQFT



on the concept of free floor planning and effective branding. The design strategy was based on a corporate effective space planning and interior design that reflects the integrity and professionalism of the brand. The interior spatial partitions are composed of wide arch openings made of metal and glass partitions. Paired with concrete tiles, and grey-scale textured paint, the use of electric blue wall paint in various instances provides energetic contrast adding to the ambiance of the space. The material palette is diversified using planters on strategic corners.


The green of plants unifies the whole material mood board. The choice of furniture edges towards ergonomically sound pieces for the comfort of the employees. The main play in this project was to curate the items in link to the material mood board formed. Hence, the furniture of spaces like conference rooms made use of statement furniture items. The executive offices were planned on the sides, keeping on unified central working space for employees. The idea of workspace transparency was introduced by having partitions that allowed for visual connectivity throughout the space. It was important to not introduce too many interior elements into the space. Thus, the roof design was kept clean and crisp, supporting track light and drop-down louver ceiling to highlight specific areas.

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