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2796 Sqft



Chikachino is a Local Street brand that ties its roots to the local urban context with vibrant yellow and contrasting blacks to give it a patriotic grounded atmosphere. The interior is designed to keep these concepts in mind. The site is located in a commercial hub and splits into two levels, ground and first. Ground-level is connected to the main street and the first connects it visually in the form of a terrace. The main entrance is done in black framed glass to give visual clarity to the interior. Outlet surfaces are mostly done in vernacular material i.e. exposed brick, local wooden panels, and handmade concrete floor tiles. Extracting these rough textures from the street itself gives the same contextual feeling to every surface of the interior. The ceiling is kept in fair face finish with a layer of dark paint and accents of solid wood louvers and corrugated overhangs on the main terrace, as these materials are seen in abundance in local street thoroughfares. The floors are done in terrazzo with brass inlays as a way of celebrating traditional dense urban flooring material locally. 


The staircase area is scooped out in the form of a small seating courtyard to represent a rural communal seating ritual. While climbing the staircase you witness a local jaffery wall with gradual systematic openings to give it a very interesting perspective. The first floor consists of the main kitchen and an interior seating area that can be opened up through a sliding glass door into a more open lengthened terrace area. The terrace is kept elongated compellingly to give it a long street-side-like atmosphere with vibrant fairy lights hanging all along with the ceiling, highlighting textures and colors in the surrounding. The restrooms are also designed in a manner to celebrate urban culture with a selective material palette with metal checkered plate texture and yellow colors giving it a very coherent outlook with the rest of the restaurant.

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