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2796 Sqft


Bahria Town, Phase 7

Chikachino is a street food brand with a mission to rekindle the essence of street food culture, which has become somewhat obscured by the layers of urban development. To anchor this concept back to its origins, we've meticulously selected materials that seamlessly integrate with the local context. Our design ethos brings the vibrant street food experience indoors while retaining the ambiance of outdoor dining. Upon entering our space, guests are greeted by exposed brick walls, showcasing their raw authenticity, adorned by traditional tile patterns that pay homage to the streets. A striking contrast comes from our electric yellow wall finish, adding a dynamic aesthetic to the environment. We've incorporated raw elements such as brick walls and bold metal frameworks, drawing inspiration from the gritty textures of street culture. Key materials include exposed brick, patterned tiles, robust metal mesh, and lush green walls, which seamlessly merge the outdoors with the indoor experience. To unify the overall ambiance, our bare brick walls feature exquisite artwork by the talented Tehxeeb Hasan, portraying contextual elements that tie our theme together. These custom-crafted, timeless pieces add a unique touch to the Chikachino experience.

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