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3900 sft.



CO-OP Retail Design CO-Op sits in the heart of commercial activity and is one of the oldest markets in Islamabad. CO-OP required display Sections for diverse products like grocery items, Cosmetic amenities, Toiletries, and assorted snacks. The smaller retail area of 500sft. Is on the ground floor and 3900 sft. Is dedicated to groceries, cosmetics, and toiletries on the first floor. Two Different color schemes have been generated for respective floors. Warmer shades of Yellow along with white and grey neutrals are for the ground floor shop. And Blue with white and grey neutral is dedicated to the first floor. The basic Retail designs of both shops are based on the rudimentary idea of “GRID”.


A grid of black metal holding white acrylic display boxes runs on the left side wall of the shop. Grids of multiple threads are generated for the display window which holds the product. Display Area sits on the foreground of Mosaic grid tiles running in multiple directions. Customized lighting keeping in mind the required lux level in the orthogonal grid runs below the ceiling. First Floor Retail space is conceived as an “infinite space”. Glazed flooring and Reflective Metallic Ceiling reflect the space to infinity. Grid ceiling comprises Tetris of Reflective aluminum composite panels along with SMD light panels. Cosmetic and Toiletries section is devised in a darker color with reflective surfaces to highlight the displayed product. Typographic Light sculpture is lighting up the space.

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