Gloria Jean's Centaurus Mall

Project Year:2016

Typology: Restaurant 

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Gloria Jean’s is known to be a place to escape the daily grind by offering a sophisticated coffee culture blended with a warm and friendly environment. The brief was simple yet held a certain weightage towards design formation: to create, and portray the brand identity via the design. The designers’ approach was to represent the brand ideology using a warm, inviting material mood board. Knowing how different materials showcase different moods of space, the use of warm polished wood was done as a primary material to provide the warmth that the brand aims for.  The main spaces were wrapped in wooden panels running in different directions. The positioning of panels in different directions highlighted the different planes. To add to the notion of movement of space, rather contrasting yet dynamic 3D metal frame light fixtures were used. The edgy nature of the fixture formation and the stark contrast in material finishes break the material monotony. Since in interior elements, the choice of furniture weighs in equally as the material implementation. Hence, the choice of furniture was kept minimalist yet homogeneous to the overall color palette. Placed on decked levels, the continuity of the floor was staggered in step-downs, with the ending of each deck highlighted with black framing. Overall, the whole visual frame of space sits warmly on the eyes with the main areas highlighted using contrasting framing and light fixtures.