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Location: Islamabad

Project Year:2022

Typology: Hospitality

Area: 2500 SQFT

The client wanted the first outlet to visually stand out. In order to achieve that goal, the building’s traditional form is segmented by adding vertical triangular prism protrusions, with a layer of moving sequin. This contrast of stationary solid forms merged with sequin creates a sensuous effect, bringing to life the otherwise stationary urban surroundings. The bold forms are toned down with the pink color, which represents the gentle personality of the brand. Each arch at the front highlights an interior function (display, circulation, and seating). The use of flat whites in the interior act as a backdrop to enhance the pink color, along with the placement of flowers and light halos hanging from the ceiling. This creates an ethereal aura indoors. The arches blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, with the corridor acting as a median space. Spaces are curated to act as visual stimuli, with flowers and plants jointly creating a dreamy, picturesque, and warm atmosphere. With its distinct aesthetic, the café acts as an icon within the urban fabric of the city and generates visual appeal on social media.

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