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 Coffee Shop




300 SQFT



Flow is a coffee spot where the client’s main aim was to have a clean theme and minimalist design interventions. A space for the customer to truly experience the best of the blends of coffee. The designer’s take on the project was to design around a material palette consisting of minimum required materials yet having a play of textures, and contrast that can establish a subtle impact on the ambience. Overall, the desire was to bring in earthy tones, emphasized by warm lights to generate a zen experience. The customer is greeted with a louvred metal entrance with glass panels that opens up the rather cramped interior space.


The walls are rendered with a beige textured wall coating, a material choice which was able to add a play of textures. With banquet seating running on one side and a wall-hinged table and seating on the other, it provides for both a formal and informal character to the seating space. A culminating point is marked by a serving bar composed of a tile facade and antique metal finishes to the detail. The bar is treated as an integral part of the whole customer experience, from where the aroma of the blended coffee draws attention. In contrast to the wall finishes, antique finish metal accessories are used to ornate the space. As a customer, one gets to indulge in the experience of coffee in a zen, earthy setting.

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