Gloria Jean's Wah Cantt

Project Year:2017

Typology: Restaurant 

Location: Wah, Pakistan

Gloria Jean’s is known to be a place to escape the daily grind by offering a sophisticated coffee culture blended with a warm and friendly environment. The firm was approached by the franchise again to design their new branch in the manner to brand their identity. Following the previous design mood board, the main elements were used for the new space again. The use of a warm wood finish was the primary element. The flooring made use of gray-scale tiles in a herringbone pattern, laid across the whole horizontal space. The walls were rendered with a gray paint finish. The use of different materials in the space highlighted the use of wood finish on various elements such as planter boxes, staircases, food counters, etc. A more sophisticated touch was rendered using contrasting black metal framing, in the form of clean, straight lines in the form of light fixtures or marking the edges of the surfaces. The furniture upholstery followed the running material and color theme. Generally, the elements cohesively worked together to present a warm visual.