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Project Year:2016

Typology: Restaurant 

Area:106 sqm

HOB is located in F-6, Islamabad. A sector populated by retail and corporate activity. Space has been designed as a food salon for food as an event. Food serves as stimuli for interindividual social interaction for which space is a catalyst. The underlying idea is of a singular social space holding dynamic surface identities for multiple individuals. Space is an accumulation of contrasting entities from organic to engineered, neutral to monotones, and geometric to dynamic. HOB is an A-symmetrical composition with one continuous commune table on one side, against a Multi-linear textured grey wall and on the other side is a travertine wall with basic shapes etched in contrast. The travertine wall is treated as a mural. Grey color geometric forms are hand-painted on natural stone. Diffuse light falls from reflective metal fixtures hanging from the grey matt corniced grid.

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