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House 43 is an award-winning project based on a footprint of 60’X90’. The client’s brief was to incorporate light and ventilation as a basic concept, with a central living room connecting its surroundings. The architects’ approach to the brief was to play around with a pivoted open lounge area and curate functions whilst maintaining the existing flora of the site. The building mass is composed of sub-masses that each holds a different volumetric definition, both inside and out. The varying heights according to the hierarchy of spaces create multiple engaging instances and voids in the interior of spaces. The main custom 12’-6” door opens up into a well-lit entrance foyer looking over a small metal grid patio. Different levels of transparencies are projected in the elevations of the house. A double glazed 14’ high window which holds the first-floor living room provides complete transparency inside out. The visual effect of which is balanced using a solid extruded plane in the centre followed by a metal grid structure containing a plantation. Visually all the elements together provide a cohesive design language. The material palette is based on the use of concrete tile as the main exterior render together with plaster with textured paint on the facades. Material contrast is added using the metal frames. These rendering materials provide an interesting composition of visual textures. Outdoor spaces are created based on the existing flora. The main central space was scooped to incorporate a decked seating facing the mango tree.

House 43






Islamaabd, Pakistan


6125 Sft

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