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House 951

Project Year:2015

Typology: Residence

Location: Bahria Town, Islamabad, Pakistan

Area:4800 Sqft 

Sitting on a site of 2600 sq. ft the project worked around a form study of functions in the context of the site. The main design strategy was discovering and incorporating the functions on the basis of form study, resulting in a form-derived function use. The spatial functions were categorized as semi-public to private areas only accessible to the house members. The functions were dedicated on one floor per category, eventually staggering the functions across the three floors of the house. The form was carved out of contextual, environmental elements. This resulted in a form constituting a punctured basement, a recessed verandah, a central connecting space, central spaces as ventilation enablers, and protruding cantilevers for extended functions. The resulting form was rendered in grey plaster overall, with elements such as window fixtures, parapets, and door openings highlighted using metal finishes. Visually the material board of the form is cohesive intones with a textural variation on the facade finishes. The grey pigmented plaster rendering added the factor of depth to the colour tone variation in an organic manner.

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