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F-7, Islamabad, Pakistan

In the heart of the central Super Market of F7, Icicles was conceived as an ice cream parlor with the brand colors and the sentiment attached to an ice cream experience as the backbone of the design concept. The design takes the blue brand color and translates it as a rendering material for the outlet. The main challenge brought forth by the space was the main sitting area on the lower ground floor. To entice the user to explore the space, the blue metal mesh finish adorns the walls from the ceiling till the eyes span with a sharp contrast in the area offered by the bright yellow colored metal mesh staircase leading the way down and the yellow color further rendering the floor in its axis. In contrast, the rest of the space stays true to the blue rendering. Upon entering the lower ground, the user is greeted with pastel-colored louvered soft waves backlit to provide depth to the feature and smooth curvature of metal mesh transforming from the wall to the ceiling. The upholstery for the furniture acts as a mediator for the whole color palette, where the gray fabric unites the theme, and the white table tops act as the background to pop the colors of the ice cream served. Overall, the execution of colors, subtle textures of rendering material, and the use of contrasting colors and formations make the indulgence of ice cream consumption in the space an authentic experienc

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