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Corporate Office




2500 SQFT



Infinity Salon is a makeup and hair studio. The concept was to design an outlet that once entered gave an impression of entering into a monochrome portal. The space in its entirety is composed of gray tones in different textural finishes of material. Throughout the elements of space, the monotones are carried forward giving an impression of space devoid of color thus. presenting a grayscale space. Since the primary function of the outlet is a makeup studio, the space acts as a backdrop for the action to take place henceforth, the work of makeup artists stands out against the finishes without any clashes. All the interior elements are designed to have a rectangular, harsh nature with the roof designed as an amoeba-inspired organic roof carved out of metal mesh. Having a monotone theme across the space is a challenge in itself, as it is then the use of various textures and material finishes that distinguishes one element from another. To enhance the finishes: aluminum backdrop, metal framing, metal mesh, plaster louvers, and use of strategic lighting were put in effect. As an interior composition, the elements do portray the space as a gray monotone portal yet with multiple spatial depths

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