Affan Ahmed

Affan Ahmed (Architect) graduated from COMSATS (Arch. Dept.) in 2011 with Distinction. He has worked with Islamabad based Architectural Firm before creating ORAD. He has taken part in the National and International Level Architecture Competitions.

Dawar Zia

Dawar Zia (Architect) graduated from COMSATS (Arh. Dept.) in 2012 with Hons. He was working with an established Architectural firm in Islamabad Prior Founding O.R.A.D. He was a teaching faculty member at Comsats (Arch. Dept.) too.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali (Architect ) graduated from Comsats (Arch. Dept.) in 2012. with Distinction. He was an adjunct at SADA - NUST Islamabad in 2013 and visiting faculty at Comsats (Arch. Dept.)