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 840 SQFT



Khokha Khola is an award-winning project. Khoka Khola was an initiative by a client who is deeply rooted in the culture and the essence of the context and wanted to reflect that in the restaurant’s cuisine and ambiance. The area of the site was not effective enough to work around elaborate interior planning. The site planning allowed for a kitchen that opened into a bar from where the customer can receive their order. Also allows for banquette seating on the side. The overall design theme is bold and edging towards an assemblage of vintage design elements e.g., the vintage windows, doors, and color palette. The  Use of teal color constitutes an outstanding element of design, put into effect in multiple forms.


The ambiance of the space is given an edge by the use of diffused purple-pink hue lights. If read one visual entity, the space offers a curated composition of various visual textures, patterns, and hues. The tile leading from outside to inside brings into the space, the element of patterns. The continuity of one material from into out offers porosity in a rather cramped site. The columns are wrapped in vintage statement doors and windows, thus strategically incorporating them as a design element. To further reflect on what the client and this restaurant aim for, the use of Urdu taglines in neon signage and old Pakistani posters are also used as supporting design elements.

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