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 840 SQFT


Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Khokha Khola stands as an exemplar of architectural excellence, with material palette set such as to pay homage to the bygone era of contextual driven details. Initiated by a client profoundly intertwined with the local culture and its very essence, the project sought to encapsulate this cultural tapestry within the restaurant's very walls, seamlessly weaving tradition, and innovation.


The spatial layout ingeniously choreographs a culinary ballet within confined quarters. The strategic arrangement embraces efficiency, with a kitchen seamlessly unfolding into a bar, forging an interactive bridge between preparation and presentation. And the space further unfolded into the dining area. Flanking this dynamic axis, banquette seating emerges, maximizing comfort and fostering intimate conversations. Embarking on a visual voyage, the design ethos unfurls as an audacious ode to vintage aesthetics, with use of carefully curated vintage windows and doors. A resolute teal hue emerges as the driving force of the design, seamlessly diffused across various dimensions hence instilling cohesion amidst the diversity of elements. One such another element is the incorporation of Urdu taglines and classic Urdu cinema and theater posters adorning the walls done by Tehxeeb Hasan. The curation of these custom crafted timeless pieces done by him ties the theme down. The soft, diffused purple-pink hues envelop the space, casting an ethereal aura that envelops visitors in a sensory embrace. Further, traversing the captivating narrative, the transition from interior to exterior is demarcated by a tactile threshold. The ambiance of the space is carried forward and translated into walls adorning a curation of plastered tiles and wall creepers rendering the concept into outdoor reality.

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