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Crusteez Opens Its New Outlet in F-10, a Bubble-Gum-Themed Paradise

Crusteez quickly became a household name by establishing itself as an authority in taste, presentation, and customer-centric approach.

It’s not just the donuts we are in awe of.

The sheer force of this business can be seen from the new outlet launched in F-10. The bustling commercial hub and center of social activity. The location is all you need to attract customers by large. The beautiful donut landmark is easily one of the quirkiest and most effective ways of marketing a business outdoors.

The white tile interiors give the outlet a Brooklyn-bakery look that we find appealing. The bright colors and the funky aesthetic is perfect to attract the Tik-Tok crazed teenagers to experience the delicious donuts that everyone has been raving about since the launch of Crusteez.

The outlet was designed by ORAD as a way to position the emerging brand to grab the attention of the locals and give customers a luxurious indoor dining space as well as the perfect backdrop to show off on their socials. The perfect mix of bright colors and a minimalist theme, combined with the ease and efficiency of contactless deliveries, have set up the outlet for success.

If you haven’t already heard of ORAD (Office for Radical Architecture Disciplines), it is the brains and the brawn behind some of the most stunning venues in Islamabad, namely. Aurum, BLT, Flow, Khoka Kola, Infinity Salon, The Pet Project, and more. The new Crusteez outlet is one of their more recent endeavors.

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