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ORAD has received Honorable Mention in "Idea and design Competition" conducted by IAP, Karachi.


Muhammadi House located on II Chundrigar Road sits in an economic hub of Karachi. The building has three-way clear accesses from the road. The fuel station is adjacent to the building. Muhammadi House has a vertical louvered façade with windows in between. The building has ten levels of floors and a rooftop. Courtyard punctures the space and another small patio is on the adjoining side which holds all the services. The building provides a workspace for many small and medium-range companies. The ground floor has a fast food outlet and a main entrance into the facility.

The approach is to explore the rentable unit in volumes and not in planes. Modules of space are connected up to a depth of 20’. After an interval of 20’ connection becomes frail. In that scenario, if space propels vertically, it holds better connections. Proposed probable rentable blocks are demarcated in the isometric diagrams.

Level 1 and Level 2 are given to the parking. Parking for 56 cars and two motorbikes has been incorporated on Level 1 & Level 2.Level 3 to Level 9 are rentable workspaces. A rooftop is proposed for an eatery.

The escalator connects Level 1 to Level 3 and the rest of the building is connected through lifts and staircases. Level 3 has an atrium with a hanging Light sculpture in metal and glass. Hanging sculpture is the centerpiece in the composition of the design. The atrium serves as a concourse and reception of the building.

The building façade has been opened up by puncturing façade with taller windows to bring more natural sunlight into space. Wire mesh and Metal Louvers envelop the façade to provide shading from the direct sunlight and to diffuse the direct sunlight. A layered facade gives a very soft glow in the interior and decreases the heat gain.

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