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Orad Wins Big at IAP Design Excellence Awards 2022

The IAP is the prestigious Institute of Architects, which was established in 1957. The small collective of architects was formally registered in 1968 under the Societies Act, as well as the Companies Ordinance, with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

The institute has recognized many talented architects over the years for their inspirational work with the Design Excellence Awards. We are elated to announce that ORAD has won two of the IAP Design Excellence Awards. They won the award for Young Architects in the F category. They were awarded for their exceptional work in designing Omer Abbassi’s Residence in Islamabad. The spacious and well-lit residential project is simply awe-inspiring in the way it combines all the elements to create a serene home.

ORAD was also awarded the Architectural Interior Award for its exceptional work at Khoka Kola Cafe. The project reflects the surreal cultural essence the client has in mind, through the vintage details that are what Khoka Kola has come to be known for. The vintage doors, windows, tables, and chairs, combined with the bright hues and sassy art, make the entire experience of sipping

‘Karak Chai’ at ‘Khoka’ an unforgettable one. This project is the perfect example of how architecture and design come together to create a brand.

The national Chapter of IAP also awarded ORAD an honorable mention in the Special Design Category for their work at the TedX Stage in 2018. The ORAD team created a beautiful representation of Islamabad using biodegradable and eco-friendly materials to design the stage in accordance with the ‘Green-Eco’ theme. The use of glaze sheet-wrapped packaging boxes is not only innovative but truly inspirational.

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