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Saffron Foodies Unveiled: A Culinary Haven in Bahria Phase 7, Islamabad Where Tradition Meets Modern

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Saffron Foodies, an exquisite continental food restaurant nestled in the heart of Bahria Phase 7, Islamabad. Saffron, an esteemed culinary brand with a rich history spanning decades, has been dedicated to delighting its customers with a diverse array of local and international cuisines.

picture of a modern restaurant
Main Hall

In pursuit of a design concept that would serve as a timeless cornerstone for its patrons, the brand embarked on a journey rooted in the essence of the Earth. The design philosophy embraced a natural and earthy aesthetic, drawing inspiration from local trends and the delectable cuisines gracing its menu.

Throughout the space, the walls are adorned with meticulously crafted course brickwork, lending a sense of rustic charm. Above, the terracotta-painted ceilings set the tone for the interior, infusing warmth and authenticity into the ambiance. A pivotal element in this architectural masterpiece is the strategic use of saturated wooden louvers, which not only add texture but also serve as a harmonious bridge between tradition and modernity.

Picture of an interior of a restaurant
Private Dining

The inclusion of abundant greenery through carefully placed planters enhances the connection to nature, bringing a refreshing touch to the design. To introduce a contemporary flair, metal grating ceiling fixtures have been ingeniously incorporated, juxtaposing the more traditional elements of the space.

In the realm of seating, a meticulous approach ensures a harmonious balance between the background and foreground, with upholstery and furniture structures carefully curated to complement the overall aesthetic. One standout feature is the booth seating, thoughtfully enclosed by green-rendered metal arches adorned with wooden louvers, providing a sense of privacy and sophistication.

At the heart of the floor plan, a central banquet seating arrangement serves as the focal point, accentuated by distinct floor tiles that delineate various sections. A hallmark of this design is its careful consideration of the dining experience. Even during peak hours, the floor plan remains spacious and uncluttered, optimizing the use of every square foot.

Dining Hall

The result is a composition of meticulously selected and expertly crafted design elements, each contributing its own touch of grandeur to the overall narrative. In essence, Saffron's architectural design seamlessly marries tradition and modernity, offering a space where patrons can indulge in exquisite cuisine while basking in an ambiance that exudes timeless elegance.

We are beyond excited to welcome you to Saffron Foodies, where every meal is a journey of flavors and every moment is steeped in sophistication. Join us in experiencing the epitome of culinary excellence in Bahria Phase 7, Islamabad. Indulge your senses, and let the journey begin!

Saffron Foodies Unveiled: A Culinary Haven in Bahria Phase 7, Islamabad Where Tradition Meets Modern

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