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Yasmeen Lari Wins Big By Providing Sustainable Structures To Displaced Groups

Yasmeen Lari was awarded the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) making her the first Pakistani architect since Zaha Hadid to receive this medal. The architect is known for making strides in the world of eco-friendly architecture and design as well as making sustainable architecture accessible to those living below the poverty line including affectees of climate change and natural disasters. The medal recognizes her efforts to advance the field of architecture while championing the causes of sustainable architecture for refugees and displaced communities.

Yasmeen Lari is a Pakistani national, born in 1941, graduated from Oxford Brookes University and founded Lari Associates in 1980 as well as the Karachi Heritage Foundation of Pakistan alongside her husband. Lari has worked on multiple projects such as the Chulha Cookstove which is a low-emission alternative to traditional stoves. This is a revolutionary concept that has been adopted by many now.

Lari focused her efforts solely on humanitarian work after 2000, to provide the floor affectees bamboo shelters that were constructed from locally sourced materials. These structures cost 25,000 rupees. This is an ongoing project as the flood of 2022 has had a devastating impact on Pakistan, especially the province of Sindh.

Lari received recognition for empowering the people of Pakistan through her architectural expertise. Simon Alford, the president of RIBA stated that Lari ‘acted imaginatively and creatively making affordable projects that addressed the real and urgent need for accommodation, and basic services.’

Lari is focused on renovating the historic district of Lahore while using recycled materials in her projects. Her work reflects the need for climate-resilient and sustainable practices to ensure that homelessness and rising disparities are not exacerbated by climate exchange and the new world order. Instead, the marginalized communities are equipped with the right tools to create new word order.

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