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5500 sft


Nathiagali, Pakistan

Qubed nestled on the outskirts of Nathiagali, where an intricately crafted complex emerges amidst the captivating mountainous terrain. The Project is conceived within the framework of metabolic architecture, employing prefabricated, replaceable compartments that evoke cellular structures. Drawing inspiration from shipping containers, these voluminous modules tastefully cater to the functional requirements of guest accommodation while fostering an interior environment characterized by comfort and delight.

An utmost regard for the surrounding environment is at the core of this Project, with a meticulous preservation of the awe-inspiring vistas bestowed by the picturesque pine trees adorning the neighboring mountain slopes. By employing a strategic placement strategy, the containers are artfully positioned to accommodate potential future expansion, embracing an additive methodology that ensures the structure's long-term sustainability. This deliberate approach underscores the Project's ethos of adaptability, enabling it to seamlessly respond to evolving demands and emerging possibilities.

The arrangement of these modular components yields captivating void spaces that imbue the Project with inherent dynamism. These voids are ingeniously repurposed to facilitate a range of outdoor deck activities, house a charming café, and offer vantage points that artistically frame the breathtaking vistas beyond the mountain's ridge. By seamlessly integrating these voids into the design, the Project strives to create an immersive and engaging experience, inviting guests to forge a deep connection with the surrounding natural splendor.

Upon entering the hotel's interiors, visitors are greeted by a design strategy characterized by a neutral, earthy, and minimalistic aesthetic. This deliberate restraint in color and material selection fosters a harmonious coexistence with the scenic context, while circular windows act as poetic frames, capturing and revealing the captivating panorama of the majestic pine trees. This balanced and evocative design language establishes a tranquil sanctuary, fostering a serene and contemplative ambiance for guests to unwind and immerse themselves in the serene beauty of their surroundings.
In essence, our architectural endeavor celebrates the culmination of this metabolically designed hotel Project on the outskirts of Nathiagali. By merging sustainability, functional efficacy, and refined aesthetics, this Project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to seamlessly integrate architectural interventions within the natural landscape. With its harmonious coexistence and immersive experiences, this extraordinary establishment beckons guests to embark on a transformative journey where the resplendence of the mountainous terrain converges with contemporary comforts in an exquisite symphony of design.

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