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Raabta Consultancy

Project Year:2015

Typology: Corporate

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Area: 4200 Sft

The workspace is functionally complex. It comprises private working areas, communal lounges, discussion and meeting areas to name a few. It was a challenge to articulate these spatial typologies into 4200 sft for 45 officials. The first layer of Print and supply station is placed centrally as a core of space design. This module is a perforated shelved blue and white vector-like partition that sits in the center of the design. The second Layer of Open plan working area for 45 officials is generated around it. The third Layer was of facilities, discussion areas, communal lounges, waiting and reception area and a meeting room. This layer is basically surrounding the whole working space. White powder-coated corrugated metal ceiling is hanged above the workstations to increase the lux level for workspace. Wire Gauze-Stone Filled Perforated Metal partition wall is dividing the public (Reception and Waiting Area) and private (Office space) space. Full height Yellow Glass Discussion Board is inserted in space as a color accent.

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