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Corporate Office




12,000 SQFT



Seagull approached the firm for the interior of its 6-story set up in Islamabad, with the brief crux based on a minimalist design outcome. Understanding the fact that an enclosed space is defined by three layers of meaning i.e the floor, wall, and ceiling; and that these layers act as the planes enclosing space. With each plane allowing for different exploration and based on the client brief, the main mood board was formalized around the bare minimum material palette with artificial lighting offering the emotive force to uplift the whole ambiance. The interior planning was done in layers of functions with respect to functional hierarchy. With a well-lighted reception greeting the user into the space, working its way up to the meeting rooms, workplaces to the executive offices on the top floor. The project sets a precedent for the strategic placement and use of different warmth tones of artificial lighting. With the main essence of the interior stays true to the use of two main rendering materials: matte porcelain tiles and gray rendered walls.  Setting the monochrome palette as the design base, another layer of rendering material is added to highlight pivotal points and spaces. Hence the use of blue color in multiple ways and in varying scales e.g. on soft boards, media walls, conference rooms, etc provides an energetic contrast. Upon entering each space, the complete interior frame is read as a monochrome picture where the effect is further enabled by the use of monochrome upholstery and tableware. 

The use of white light creates a spot effect in places of greeting and meeting and also brings forward the space in the foreground. As a result of which the area of white light is highlighted in context with other functions. While the use of warm lights is executed such that the light comes diffused from off the ceiling into the space of function. By using warm light in this particular manner, an ambiance of coziness and warmth is achieved which sets the space in the background compared to the rest of the spaces. Even the placement of kill pests is done strategically so that the blue light emitting from it marks the start/end of a function. Thus giving spaces with open floor plans a demarcation in a rather unconventional manner. As a complete interior study, the project showcases an example of how each element of the interior can be explored in different ways, in this very case it is the use of artificial light. Hence, the curation of bright white light and diffused warm lights in monochromatic spatial frames adds depth to the spaces which otherwise would have got lost amongst the functions.

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