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4000 sqft


Islamaabd, Pakistan

The secret sky is a street food-infused casual dining space located in F7, Islamabad. The eatery is a stand-alone structure that is open from three sides. It provides the opportunity to Create Context which highlights the building from outside but once in the vicinity it acts as a backdrop for visitors. To reflect the character of the street or neighborhood, the existing structure was wrapped in multiple layers of corrugated metal sheets with the addition of multiple Signboards and light fixtures. Crossing string Lights, Signboards, Marquee letters, Wood and metal furniture is placed on the cobblestone floor to depict the essence of the street food experience. The sitting area around the Tree serves as a gathering point. To highlight live performances and open-mic sessions, raised wooden platform is placed. Reflective standalone doors with marquee lights mark the entrance for the dining areas. 

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