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The Burger Co.






2250 SQFT


F-11, Islamabad

Design Team

Affan Ahmed, Dawar Zia,

Muhammad Ali, Zoha Abbas

TBC, a local burger shop located in f11, Islamabad, was commissioned with the task of crafting a distinctive brand identity for its flagship establishment. TBC strives to embody Pure gourmet food aesthetic, and accordingly, the monochromatic interior was meticulously designed to accentuate the delectable offerings. Drawing inspiration from the writings of Barnabas Calder,the spatial composition revolves around three elemental materials: Concrete, Metal, and Wood.
The very fabric of this space exudes a visual and tactile allure, with two in situ cast pigmented ombre concrete walls gracefully flanking the seating area. These walls enshroud the realm of dining, bestowing it with an irresistible texture. Above, the ceiling, a tapestry of raw metal grating punctuated by recessed lights, echoes the industrial appeal that extends to the metal grating beneath the seating bench. Notably, stainless steel adorns the doors and counters, conferring a luminous sheen upon the interior. These materials harmoniously manifest the youthful energy and innovative character emblematic of the brand.
An overarching aim was to establish an intimate connection between the culinary realm and the discerning guests. To achieve this, a squircle opening adorns the kitchen, framing the captivating choreography of gastronomic craftsmanship, openly visible from the bustling main road. In the outdoor expanse, a carefully curated patio-like ambiance unfolds, with planters and light saucers elegantly poised on sturdy metal poles. As light saucers seemingly sprout from the grey pebbled floor, a whimsical atmosphere permeates the space, enthralling all who enter. Amidst this captivating tapestry, abundant foliage finds respite, providing a sanctuary away from the clamor of neighboring shops and bustling streets

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