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TEDx Islamabad  2019

Project Year:2019

Typology: Stage Design

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

With the core mission of ideas worth spreading, each year TEDx talks introduce a different theme for the organizers to produce a TED-style event at various levels. With “Building a Digital Pakistan” as that year’s theme for talks, the firm was approached yet again to design the stage based on the theme.  The idea put to reality was to make use of the composition of various platonic forms. 3D solids and wireframe structures. The platonic shapes bring in vibrant primary colors to the stage setup, balanced with the monotones of the wireframe structures. The choice of platonic solids was done based on their interesting uses in technology, with tetrahedrons, and cuboids applied in electronics, etc.  Where 3D solids showcase the entirety of a shape in three-dimensional form, the wireframe structures present the core of the composition of those forms. Hence, an arrangement making use of both the solid and wireframe provided two different concepts of a product.

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