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TEDx 2018


Stage Design




Islamabad, Pakistan

Installation got an honorable mention from IAP design excellence awards 2022. Like every year, TEDx aims toward its mission of ideas worth spreading. Each year they introduce a different theme for the organizations to produce a TED-style event at the local level. For the year 2018, the assigned theme for the events was “Green-Eco”. The designers’ insight towards the theme was to make use of materials that were environment friendly, locally available, and a designed form that was a symbol of city-level representation i.e representation of Islamabad. The material for the design was chosen to reuse the biodegradable brown boxes mainly used for packaging and logistics, wrapped in brown wrapping paper and red glaze sheets. To stick to the brief, there was no use of tape of any sort; instead, common pins were put to use for the wrapping of paper. Both the materials were afterward re-used for other purposes. The composition of the design was inspired by the profile of Margalla Hills, a symbolic representation of Islamabad, with the iconic X of the trademark highlighted using the distinguished red glaze sheet-wrapped boxes. The assembly of the design was an easy-to-execute on-site formation that could thereafter be equally easy to disassemble. The composition cohesively reflected that year’s theme while at the same time representing the city.

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