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Islamabad, Pakistan

Think Tank is in F-11 Markaz was conceived around the concept of exploration of a monochromatic theme using multiple textures and light projections. The space in its entirety is rendered in a grayscale wall paint that further runs on the ceiling of the space. The user is greeted with a reception made of soft curves adorned with louvers that establishes a buffer space between the entrance and main workspaces. A curvature opening through the curved wall houses a planter running along the length; providing a fresh color injected into the space. The whole space greets the natural light coming in through the main facade, with the main workspace designed such that it can function on the diffused light coming in. The light fixtures are used such as to give depth and enhance the textures formed by the louvered wall and that of the upholstery of the furniture. One such example is how the light is integrated under the reception desk to make it look as if it is levitating. The primary challenge with using a monochromatic palette is breaking the monotony of spaces and sparking interest. Here it is done by using multiple materials of the same color family e.g. the gray porcelain tiles render the floor while the walls are adorned with louvered Panel paneling and corrugated metal sheet to highlight respective walls as feature walls. The partition walls of the executive spaces are made of metal framed tempered glass that establishes a visual connection between spaces.

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