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Aurum got Published in A+I

Aurum draws its inspiration from its Latin namesake, Gold. Featured in a prominent national publication, Architecture+Interiors Magazine, Aurum Cafe has gotten much attention for its bold design. The magazine discussed the contemporary interior design that makes every single facet of the restaurant a marvel.

The royal blue and gold used in the exterior make the cafe stand out to those on the street, compelling them at once to find out what the fuss is all about. The structure is designed to be a tempting invitation.

The circular arches give the restaurant a mystery while the globe lights adorn the dining space, keeping it well-lit. Light is a critical element of good architecture, which is what ORAD has achieved by adding various light globes scattered across, creating the illusion of a cloud hovering above.

The glitz and glamor of Aurum don't end with the interior; the arches provide the perfect blend of an indoor and outdoor space that beckons attention. The textured walls, fluted columns, hand-cut marble, and terrazzo floor are some incredible details that inspire us in awe of Aurum.

Another critical detail of the space is the use of stone tables, stone inlays, and the overall incorporation of stone. The brand colors complement the material sussed in the interior perfectly. The palette is strategically curated, allowing each element to stand out and elevate each other.

Sitting in Aurum’s swings transmuted as seats, you will find yourself adoring the depiction of a night sky and globe lights. The high planters give the patio an immersive look, making the moody backdrop all the more alluring.

Have you been to Aurum yet? And if you have, were you mesmerized?

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