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Em En is an unmissable declaration of Pink

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Em En Caffe is home to hand-crafted desserts and authentic Italian recipes, elevated with the most exquisite savory menu. Em En is not something you sleep on. It’s easily the most impressive architectural feat in the cultural hub of Islamabad, F-6.

When the client approached ORAD, the goal was to create an artisanal dessert and coffee shop that sets itself apart from the monotony of gray and grim facades of many commercial buildings in Islamabad.

The building breaks away from its traditional form by segmentation and adding vertical prism protrusions enhanced with sequins.

Sequins, you say?

Yes, Em En is the only eatery you will find in Islamabad that is covered in sequins!

The bold design, the explosion of color, and the overall focus on presentation make Em En an emerging staple of Islamabad.

The aesthetic appeal does not end with the vibrant exterior and continues with the interior. The bold choice of colors combined with glamorous interior statements such as flowers, installations, and ethereal shapes make the restaurant just as ethereal from the inside. The arches give the structure a dated appeal.

Em En is designed by ORAD, better known for its work with Aurum, Flow, Wild Wings, and BLT. Em En is simply a glamorous disruption in the city's urban fabric, adding visual appeal that has not been seen before.

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