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Icicles, a Bright and Blue Experience

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Icicles, the ice cream parlor located in F7 Markaz, Islamabad, is a perfect example of a design that uses the brand's colors and sentiment to create a unique experience for customers. The blue brand color is used as a rendering material throughout the outlet, giving it a modern and elegant look.

One of the challenges of the space was the main sitting area on the lower ground floor. To make it more inviting, the designers used blue metal mesh finish to adorn the walls from the ceiling to the floor. The sharp contrast in the area is provided by the bright yellow colored metal mesh staircase that leads the way down and the yellow color further rendering the floor in its axis. This creates an eye-catching feature that draws people into the space.

Upon entering the lower ground, the customer is greeted with pastel-colored louvered soft waves that are backlit to provide depth to the feature and create a smooth curvature of metal mesh that transforms from the wall to the ceiling. The effect is both calming and enticing, drawing customers in and creating a relaxing atmosphere for them to enjoy their ice cream.

The furniture's upholstery is used as a mediator for the whole color palette, with the gray fabric unifying the theme, and the white table tops acting as the background to pop the colors of the ice cream served. The overall effect is a balanced and harmonious design that elevates the experience of enjoying ice cream in this space.

The design of Icicles is a testament to the power of color and texture in creating a unique and memorable experience for customers, as seen before in many ORAD masterpieces. The use of contrasting colors and formations, as well as the careful consideration of lighting and materials, creates an authentic and inviting space that draws people in and encourages them to stay awhile.

Icicles is a well-executed ice cream parlor design that successfully creates an authentic and immersive experience for customers. The use of the brand's blue color as an invitation, combined with contrasting colors and textures, and the careful consideration of lighting and materials all work together to create a space that is both uplifting and memorable. Whether you're looking for a quick treat or a place to relax and indulge, Icicles is definitely worth a visit.

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